A shoot with Lindy / FAQ

Lifestyle Sessions (At your Home / Locations Outside)

Don’t worry if your home is not the typical “magazine” home, what’s important is LET’S REMEMBER YOUR FAMILY. Your family has a story to tell. I will direct you during the session and we will be planning it ahead of time. I will capture real and interactive moments, in a natural and fun way. We will choose activities that will get genuine reactions out of your children. All I need is a window (natural light) to create beautiful images that you will have to look back it for years to come.


When is the best time to do the shoot?

The most beautiful light, from a photographer’s point of view, for a shoot outside is just after sunrise of just before sunset. Soft, golden light.

I am happy to photograph during the early afternoon / late mornings but need to make sure we are at a location that provides some places out of direct sunlight.

My Natural Light Studio is also an option if you can’t shoot during the sunrise / sunset times.

What should we wear?

Clothing is always what makes parents the most nervous to plan. Here are some tips below. Have FUN with it!

  1. Wear what you feel comfortable in and something that you can move in.
  2. Don’t match! No one matches in real life. Rather co-ordinate your outfits to compliment each other. Neutrals with some colour and different textures work great.
  3. Choose clothing that are timeless without big logos.
  4. Decide what is your family style: fun / colourful or neutral / clean? You can also mix it up and bring some pops of colour into a neutral theme.
  5. Do YOU!

Which locations work the best for outside shoots?

It all depends on what you like really? Choose a location that are special and meaningful to you. I regularly shoot on farms in or around the Wellington area but I also regularly travel to photograph families who prefer the beach, forest or their own home. You are welcome to contact me and I can recommend a few beautiful and safe options.

Do I have to have my make-up done professionally?

I recommend having your make-up done, but make sure it’s similar to your everyday look. Ladies, getting a nice blow dry before the shoot is always recommended. I have some make-up artists that I regularly work with if you need recommendations, please get it touch.

How long do I have to wait before receiving my photos?

There is a lot of behind te scenes editing after your shoot, so it does take some time. I always try to send a few images within a week (mostly a few days) after the shoot and the final product can take up to 3/4 weeks to be finalized.

You will receive an online gallery with all the low resolution images (for social media and to email to friends and family) and all high resolution images (to print) will be given on an 8gb USB.