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I am based in Wellington in the Western Cape and specialise in photographing lifestyle FAMILY PORTRAITS and I also do a few WEDDINGS each year.

I studied a Bachelor of Arts and Drama at the University of Stellenbosch (with an honours in Directing and Design) and have also worked as a drama teacher and journalist – big contributing factors to shaping my style of photography.

I love weddings, who doesn’t? I love the emotion I get to capture on a wedding and I love capturing happy once in a lifetime photo opportunities. I claim the fact that – I get to photograph the coolest and nicest couples! I only do a limited amount of weddings each year, so please contact me to see if I am available.

I also photograph families and children, it also helps that I am a mom myself so I am used to all the ups, downs and crazy happy moments! I prefer to photograph children at home or outside where they play and are just enjoying being a child. Children are funny, honest, so real and innocent – I could photograph them all day!

Photography is my passion and creative outlet and I just LOVE taking beautiful pictures that are a little different, sometimes a little arty.

I am always looking for moments that are REAL, NATURAL, UNREHEARSED and tell a STORY.

My shoots are relaxed and fun so please contact me (there is a contact form on my website) if you would like to book a shoot or if you have more questions.

I love traveling so get in touch to see if I am available.

Lindy xxx

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I love photographing families at home, especially when they recently welcomed a new baby. There is so much going on but also so many awesome...